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Apple Chemie is the leading manufacturer and supplier of superior construction chemicals. Apple Chemie manufactures more than 200 products which are supplied to some of the biggest construction companies. These construction chemicals are widely used in construction of Residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructural projects.



Crystacrete is a crystalline catalytic durability admixture with self healing properties of cracks up to 0.5mm. When this cementitious crystalline admixture is added to the mixture, it brings upon a catalytic, multiplicative needle like crystalline growth response which could resist extreme hydrostatic pressure from either side.



An admixture is a fundamental component of the mixing process of Concrete. Apple Chemie admixtures are used in concrete to reduce the setting rate and reduce the water content required in concrete. Our admixtures have proven to decrease the cost of construction when used properly with concrete.


Sealants & Adhesives

Apple Chemie sealants get supplied on many big and small construction sites. Depending upon the requirement, they can be used on bricks, concrete, ceramics, plaster and many other surfaces. These sealants work as strong adhesive between substrates and provide the necessary strength, flexibility, solubility, corrosion resistance, and the required finish.


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Wise decision making and proper planning are two of the most essential aspects of our company. All the departments communicate with each other more democratically which gives them the room to innovate and hence, benefitting the company.


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