Corporate Profile

AppleChemie range of products are specially developed for use in construction industry. The range covers products for Real Estate, Public & Commercial Buildings, Roads, Railways, Bridges & Flyovers, Power Plants, Tunnels & Mining, Docks & Harbours, Dams, Irrigation Projects, Airports & many other infrastructure projects & services.

AppleChemie range of Construction Chemicals is eco-friendly in order to conserve nature as well as human friendly in terms of health and usage. This range of products in manufactured using latest and inovative techniques like nano technology aqnd green building concepts.

Products are manufactured in Central India in two state of the art plants. Thes are catering to the needs of construction chemical in Asian Countries.

Continual development with global expertise, innovations and strong R&D base are the strenths of AppleChemie India Pvt.Ltd.

Manufacturing Capacity

Admixture 72000 Tons per annum
Grouts & tile adhesive 36000 Tons per annum
Polysulphide & other sealant 3600 Tons per annum
Polymers & expoxies 9000 Tons per annum
Concrete repair products 1800 Tons per annum
Liquid applied floor protection system 1800 Tons per annum
Pre bagged dry mortar 3600 Tons per annum
Water proofers & waterproofing coatings 1800 Tons per annum

PCE Plant

  • AppleChemie has recently started a Polycarboxylate Ether Plant at Nagpur, wherin the capacity of production is 16000 Ton/annum. The PCE range covers admixtures like -
Hyper Plasticizer
Additive for Self Compacting Concrete
High range water reducing admixtures
Shotcreting, Guning, Accelerators & Admixtures
Hardening Accerator Type Admixture
Anti Freezing Type Admixture

Green Building Products

  • Environmental friendly, sustainable contruction chemical are designed. Products are non toxic, organic and during the process, air Pollution (P2) is minimum, wast reduction (WR), Embodied Energy Reduction (EER), VOC Reduction and similar green building parameters are adhered to.
AC-MENT-BV-430 (Admixture)
AC-CURE-R (Resin Based Curing Compound)
AC-CURE-S (Wax Based Curing Compound)
AC-CURE-RM (Resin based curing aluminised reflective curing compound)
AC-SPREAYSET-163 (Alkali free set accelerator for wet-mix sprayed concrete)
AC-POLYSEAL (Elastomeric two part Polysulphide compund)
AC-DUR-CT(S) (Solvant less coal tar epoxy formulation)
AC-FLEX-CL (Protective & crack bridging coating system)
AC-PQC-INJECTO (Low viscous epoxy injection resins)
AC-DUR-SBA-G (A Segment Bonding Agent For Bridge Construction)

Standard Range of Products

Admixture Super Plasticizers Air Entraining Agents Accelerators
Waterproofing Compounds Grouts Curing Compounds Sealants
Expoies Polymers Repair Products Industrial Flooring
  • "We produce more then 200 Products"
Roads & Bridges Irrigation Housing & Township Industries
Tunnel & Metros Airport & Railways Dock & Harbours Infrastructure Development