Green Building

AppleChemie are Committed to protect environment & we are a part of The global mission. "GREEN WORLD" and also providing innovative construction chemicals for Green Building. Black Cat Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. has two state of art plants for the manufacturing of construction chemicals. The total range covers more than 200 products. Apple Chemie Products normally used for Green Building are elaborated for your convenience

Green Building Product

Environmental friendly, sustainable construction chemical are designed. Products are non toxic, organic and during the process, air Pollution (P2) is minimum, wast reduction (WR), Embodied Energy Reduction (EER), VOC Reduction and similar green building parameters are adhered to.

AC-MENT-BV-430 (Admixture)
AC-CURE-R (Resin Based Curing Compound)
AC-CURE-S (Wax Based Curing Compound)
AC-CURE-RM (Resin based curing aluminised reflective curing compound)
AC-SPREAYSET-163 (Alkali free set accelerator for wet-mix sprayed concrete)
AC-POLYSEAL (Elastomeric two part Polysulphide compund)
AC-DUR-CT(S) (Solvant less coal tar epoxy formulation)
AC-FLEX-CL (Protective & crack bridging coating system)
AC-PQC-INJECTO (Low viscous epoxy injection resins)
AC-DUR-SBA-G (A Segment Bonding Agent For Bridge Construction)