Housing Infrastructure

AppleChemie providing innovative construction chemicals for Housing & Infrastructure Projects. Apple Chemie India Pvt. Ltd. has two state of art plants for the manufacturing of construction chemicals. The total range covers more than 150 products. Apple Chemie Products normally used for Housing & Infrastructure Projects are elaborated below for your convenience


Super Plasticizing Admixture

  • Excellent pumpability, easy placement and better finish.
  • Higher strength without increase in cement content or reduction in workability
  • Improved cohesion quality and less risk of shrinkage cracks
  • Higher durability, higher impermeability with minimum bleeding and segregation
  • No risk for reinforced or concrete suctions as the product is chloride free

Concrete Super Plasticizer

AC-PLAST-BV-M4 – is advantageous as:-

  • Is reduce W/C ratio
  • Is increase compressive strength of concrete
  • It reduce Shrinkage Cracks
  • It prevents corrosion of reinforcement
  • It improves surface finish of concrete


Flexible waterproofing slurry system

  • AQUAGUARD-FLEX waterproofing system is suitable for coating of all types of RCC structures.
    Can withstand even six to seven meter of water head.
  • Provides impermeable, hydrophobic surfaces thereby reducing the risk of efflorescence,
    moss & fungus growth.
  • Protects cementitious surface against free thaw cycles by retaining properties of substrate.
  • Elastomeric & flexible properties minimize the risk of crack formation.
    Has excellent bonding properties & is resistant to alkalies u-v radiation.
    Possesses good abrasion resistance.

Water Proofing:

Crystalline Penetrating water proofing coating for underground structure / roof

  • AQUAGUARD-2G exhibits excellent bonding properties and is resistant to alkalies
  • It withstands water penetration, salt and carbonation
  • It is harmless even if in contact with drinking water, non-toxic & non-combustible
  • It protects cementitious substrates against free thaw cycles and retains the concrete’s breathing properties
  • It is resistant to moss and fungus growth
  • It renders hydrophobic and impermeable shield against water and dampness
  • It is flexible to accommodate thermal expansion of concrete and cement based plaster / substrate
  • It can withstand very high intensity water showers even if it is applied on exposed surfaces


Silicon based water repellent impregnation coating system

  • AC-CLEAN-COAT provides effective & reliable protection against moisture penetration, cracking,
    spalling, staining, efflorescence & corrosive substances.
  • Economical & single component, easy to use.
  • Provides improved thermal insulation.
  • Preserves original appearance.
  • Forms arresting barrier that minimizes leaching & migration of typical masonry dis-colourants like
    salts of calcium, potassium & sodium etc.
  • Ensures sealing against penetrating water & maintains original breathing of masonry.
  • Reduces maintenance cost.
  • Does not affect adhesion of oil / water based paintings.
  • It ensures dry interiors in all weather conditions.
  • Growth of moss & fungus prevents masonry against frost and checks
  • Does not cause any change in colour of the structure


Integral waterproofing and plasticizing admixture

  • RMC concrete/Site concrete External & initial plaster of all type of structures
    Underground structures, tunnels, basements, storage tanks, swimming pools, defence & sanitary structures.
  • Roof slabs, canopies Water retaining structures concrete & plaster work.
  • Infrastructure development construction


Non metallic Abrasion resistant topping for flooring

  • Provides high wear & abrasion resistant surface.
  • Resistant to oil & water penetration.
  • Provides non rusting & maintenance free surface.
  • Useful for areas exposed to environment & continuous wetness.
  • Non combustible, easy to clean & physiologically harmless.
  • Economical compared to Epoxy floorings.
  • Does not charge electro statically.

Suggested consumptions of Hardtop for various type of flooring

No. Area of Use Floor Type Approximate consumption Kg/Sqm
1 Automobiles traffic,pedestrian traffic, sliding & rolling of light goods,wear & tear of floor due to movement of light duty vehicle traffic. Light 2 to 3.50
2 Abrasion & traffic with medium duty vehicles heavy pedestrian traffic, sliding, grinding, medium industrial flooring etc. Medium 5 to 6
3 Impact & abrasion of critical nature, hard Wheel traffic, heavy industrial flooring etc. Heavy 6 to 8


Ready to use polymer based adhesive for marble, granite, stone, tile stone fixing on non absorbant surfaces.

  • AC-Tile-Bond-H is most suitable for fixing tiles on surfaces like concrete, cement mortar gypsum plasters,
    existing tiled surfaces, non absorbant wood & over the existing IPS, Kota Stone, mosaic marble flooring etc.
  • Suitable for various claddings & facades.
  • High bonding & adhesive strength.
  • It has high flexibility to counter attack thermal stresses & is therefore most suitable for exterior claddings.
  • Waterproof & avoids growth of fungus.
  • Universal bonding agent for spot bonding.
  • Prewetting & batting of tiles not required.
  • Free from shrinkage cracks & bonding strength does not reduce over a long period of time.
  • No curing of tiled surface is necessary.
  • Equally suitable for mixing of tiles on absorbant & non absorbant surfaces.


High build smooth, glossy, coloured, Epoxy Resin, chemical resistant floor coating

  • Property of antiskid, Thermal insulation, electrical insulation & it is dust free
  • Needs minimum maintenance & has got reasonable abrasion resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Eliminates joints and cracks
  • Enhances resistance to oil, chemicals, solvents, detergents, fumigation

Mould Release Agents - AC-Mould-Kote

Water based economical mould release agent

  • Increases life of formwork.
  • Leaves no stains on concrete after demoulding.
  • Allows easy demoulding of forms.
  • Allows efficient adhesion of forthcoming plasters, mortars & paints.
  • No dirt sticks on surface after its drying.
  • Coated shuttering surface remains clean & free from remnants of concrete & cement splashes after demoulding.
    Bonding strength of concrete remains unaffected


Single component liquid polymer & acrylic based compound ( Water proofing/repairs)

  • Increase in compressive & flexural strength compared to plain mortar.
  • Reduction in water absorption property results in the increase of waterproofing characteristics.
  • Especially in thin mortar layer (below 12 mm thickness) reduction of shrinkage cracks due to fast drying
    could be avoided. Improvement in water retention value of mortar can be achieved.
  • Imparts considerable plasticizing property to fresh mortar at low w/c ratio & therefore same workability
    as the reference mix can be obtained.
  • Improves strength of adhesion to the basic old surface by inter molecular locking.


Thixotropic, elastomeric, solar reflective, cold applied & ready to use waterproofing membrane system.

  • It is resistant to u-v radiation & pollution penetration.
  • Exhibits excellent bonding with most of the building materials such as plastered areas, concrete faces,
    brickwork, screeds, bitumen & asphalt coatings, asbestos, sand-lime bricks, weathered roofing felts,
    polymer slurry coatings etc.
  • Requires no equipment or machinery for application, can be applied easily with ordinary brushes or rollers.
  • Results in increase of life span & durability of structures.
  • Ensures safe bridging of hairline cracks on surfaces.
  • Due to solar reflection, it provides moderate heat insulation
  • Requires no heating, dilution or any other preparations before application.
  • Exhibits perfect imperviousness to water & therefore most suitable even for absorbent surfaces.


Polymer based Hydraulically setting tile adhesive

  • It is suitable for use in interiors as well as exteriors & under water applications.
  • Faster working is possible, which reduces 2 to 3 times labour cost & therefore economical.
  • Equally suitable for absorbant and non-absorbant surfaces.
  • Also suitable for tile fixing on vertical and overhead surface.
  • Free from shrinkage cracks & therefore bonding strength does not reduce over a long period of time.
  • Prewetting & tapping of tiles not required.
  • No curing of tiled surface is necessary.
  • Tiled surface remains waterproof and avoids growth of fungus.
  • Produces high bonding and adhesive strength
  • Non saponifying property avoids loss of strength.
  • Quick, neat & clean working is possible.


High Build Epoxy Resin, Mechanical and Chemical resistant Coating

  • Excellent adhesion with sub-base / base floor / concrete
  • It has short curing time and no shrinkage
  • Can be used as a protective coating for steel structures
  • Resistance to oil, chemicals, solvents, detergents
  • Property of abrasion resistance
  • It is dust free
  • Needs minimum maintenance
  • Mechanical resistance and can be used for food grade application.
  • Eliminates joints and cracks.


High Build Water based Epoxy Sealer & Coating System

  • Excellent waterproofing to concrete, water tanks as it has no odour, nontoxic & non flammable.
  • Excellent resistance to chlorinated water & chloride-ion
  • Suitable for use on damp (not wet) concrete.
  • No VOC
  • Brush, spray or roller applied.
  • User friendly.
  • Penetrates into micro cracks & voids in cement concrete.