Irrigation Sector

AppleChemie providing innovative construction chemicals for Irrigation Projects. Apple Chemie India Pvt. Ltd. has two state of art plants for the manufacturing of construction chemicals. The total range covers more than 150 products. Apple Chemie Products normally used for Irrigation Projects are elaborated below for your convenience.

Good Concrete

For good workability and to make impervious concrete, water reducing admixture(WRA) and plasticizer as per IS 9103 and IS 2645 are recommended
The product adopted are:

  • AC-PLAST-BV-M4 2

Protection of steel structure & gates

Most recommended product by irrigation department

  • AC-DUR-CR(S)
  • AC-DUR-CT (Coal Tar Epoxy) It is specially designed excellent protection coating
    It is an economical option
  • AC-DUR-CRE It is long-range high performance protection coating

Self Compacting Concrete

For secondary concreting work, it has been used at many project all over India Apple Chemie specializes in Mix design of SCC. We provide excellent technical services. All you need to do is to send aggregates/ cement to our laboratory and we will design SCC to match your site requirement. We shall provide Cost Analysis/Rate Analysis for the new item of work Apple Chemie has a special laboratory to design SCC for Gosikhurd project, Purna Project, Lower Wardha Project and many other places.
Apple Chemie provide admixture / additives required for SCC

  • AC-VISCOFLUX-O2(Hyper plasticizer on Multicarboxylate Either MCE)
  • AC-GEL-FILL (Denified micro Silica)

Canal Lining work:

Air Entraining Plasticizing additive Canal Lining is mostly doe with paver, slop concrete mechanism . for easy placement and good workability of concrete ‘air entraining admixture’ (AC-PLAST-AEA-C) is recommended. The product confirms to IS 9103. The product incorporates million of micro bubbles which act as flexible ball bearing & modifies the properties of plastic concrete. After the concrete is placed it become impermeable. It is specically recommended procduct for canal lining work.

Curing Compound Product:

  • Curing Compound AC-CURE-S when sprayed on fresh concrete forms a continuous films
    and cover the concrete and prevents evaporation of water from it.
  • The water added during the concrete mixing is sufficient for the complete hydration of
    cement and development of full strength of concrete
  • AC-CURE-S can prevent drying shrinkages cracks. The product confirms to BS: 7542 ASTM-C-309

Cut and Cover work at Gosikhurd Project Use of Super Plasticizer AC-PLAST-BV-M4-2M

Gosikhurd Project Aquaduct on Right Bank Canal Use of Apple Chemie Plasticizer AC-PLAST-BV-M4
The inside portion of Aquaduct is coated with AQUAGUARD-FLEX Flexible and wear resistant water proofing coating

Expansion and Movement Joints Filler

Steel protection Coating AC-DUR-ZRP/ AC-DUR-CRE/ AC-WALLCOAT-1000 – High range protection coating for steel
AC-JOINTSEAL is a special Sealent for canal Lining Joints. It allows reasonable flexibility while keeping the joint water tight
Aquaduct use of AC-PLAST-BV-M4 Plasticizer