Power Sector

AppleChemie providing innovative construction chemicals for Power Projects. Black Cat Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. has two state of art plants for the manufacturing of construction chemicals. The total range covers more than 200 products. Apple Chemie is a brand of Black Cat Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Apple Chemie Products normally used for Power Projects are elaborated below for your convenience.

Concrete Super Plasticizer

AC-PLAST-BV-M4 - is advantageous as:-

  • It reduces W/C ratio
  • It increases compressive strength of concrete
  • It reduces Shrinkage Cracks
  • It prevents corrosion of reinforcement
  • It improves surface finish of concrete


  • Apple Chemie Super Plasticizers are as per IS 9103 &
    ASTM C – 494 with additional benefits to user. It makes dense and durable concrete.
  • Turbine Generator foundation and TG concrete is best done with these admixtures.


  • Apple Chemie extends services of Mix Design for Chimney Concrete.
  • AC-Green-Slump G-01 can give higher slump retention and facilitate slip form work.

Super Plasticizer for other Foundation Works

Apple Chemie plasticizers are recommended for Piling, Boiler foundation, T.G. foundation, Power House foundation, all equipment foundation for BTG Area.

  • CCW & ACW pumps foundation
  • ESP Foundation
  • Mill foundation
  • Bunker Foundation
  • Bunker Hopper
  • Fuel gas duct support foundation
  • Cable rack / Pipe rack

Super plasticizers are very necessary for concreting of following areas:

  • Cable trenches & pipe trenches
  • Raw water storages reservoir
  • WTP section
  • Portable water tanks
  • Cooling tower cold water basin
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Admin Building/Quarters/PQC Work in Plant area.

Grouts for Power Plant

AC-GROUT-H1: Premixed, non shrink, free flow, high strength grout and micro concrete

  • Grout for filling below base plates of all structural steel work. Non- Shrink, Free flow property will
    ensure full contact area of base plate to transfer load on concrete foundation.
  • Grouting of main equipment in Power Plant Area are crucial.
  • Achieves high early strength as per CRD-C-621, ASTM-C-1017, ASTM-C-1107 Grade B
  • Compressive Strength – 40 MPA – 24 Hrs
  • Flexural Strength – 7 MPA – 24 Hrs
  • Minimum Static Modules of Elasticity is – 30000 N/mm2 at 28 days
  • Product is recommended for grouting of various machines & pump foundation and
    grouting of various types of anchor bolts in all types of power plant and ancillary structure.

Flooring for Power Plant

Heavy Duty Flooring:
HARDTOP: Non metallic Abrasion resistant dry shake floor hardener

  • Provides high wear & abrasion resistant floor surface.
  • Resistant to oil & water penetration.
  • Provides non rusting & maintenance free surface.
  • Useful for areas exposed to aggressive environment & continuous wetne
  • Does not charge electro statically.

    Recommended for:-
  • Power Plant Floors
  • Ware house, Storage areas
  • Work Shop and Factory areas and similar heavy duty floorings.

Resin Flooring:

AC-FLOOR COAT 3000: High build smooth, glossy, colored, Epoxy Resin, chemical resistant floor coating

  • Property of antiskid, Thermal & Electrical insulation & it is dust free
  • Needs minimum maintenance & has got reasonable abrasion resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Eliminates joints and cracks.
  • Enhances resistance to oil, chemicals, solvents, detergents, fumigation
    Best for TG Deck Slab Finishing & Control room area, power plant laboratories, battery rooms, etc.

Water Proofing for Power Plant

Acrylic base polymer modified cementious composite coating system:
Aquaguard-2G Crystalline Penetrating water proofing coating for underground structure / roof. Recommended for power plants Administration Building, Office, Housing Colony, Substation etc for roof & wall water proofing.
For WTP Water storage tanks (GSR), Under Ground Cable Tunnels. Also recommended as wall coating for water proofing and roof water proofing work.


    Thixotropic, elastomeric, solar reflective, cold applied & ready to use waterproofing membrane system.
    For RCC Roof Area of Power plant

Expansion Joints:

Elastomeric two part polysulphide sealant compound recommended for sealing of gaps in construction joints.

    Conforms to IS 12118 (part 1 & 2) – 1987
    BS 4254 – 1983
    BS 5212 – 1990
    Recommended for PQC Structure i.e. concrete road in plant area, joint filling in flooring and
    expansion joints in various power plant structures.
    Excellent water proofer barrier membrane for water retaining structure

Bituminous Sealant: AC-DUR-BS

Old & New bonding agents for repair of concrete). As per ASTM C-881 BS 6319 part IV

  • AC-DUR-BS is bituminous, cold applied sealing compound.
    Product confirms to IS 1580.
    The product is recommended for applicationof various joints
    in Power Plant structures.
  • Coal Tar Epoxy formulation AC-DUR-CT(S) is largely accepted
    product for all types of protection coatings in plant areas another
    infrastructure works. It is specially recommended
    for underground protection and ETP.

Raw Water Tanks/DM Water Tanks/ Neutralizing Pit & Chemical Laboratories

For Power Plant structure raw water storage tanks are protected by application of continuous PVC sheet or elastomeric flexible coating like ROOF-Y2-K. This coating is sandwich between two layers of concreting. It is very economical and being joint less, it is more effective.


For DM Water Tank and other structures are best protected by application of AC-WPM-300.
High Build Water based Epoxy Sealer & Coating System

  • Excellent waterproofing to concrete, water tanks as it has
    no odour, nontoxic & non flammable.
  • Excellent resistance to chlorinated water & chloride-ion
  • Suitable for use on damp (not wet) concrete.
  • Faster curing time
  • No VOC
  • Brush, spray or roller applied.
  • User friendly.
  • Penetrates into micro cracks & voids in cement concrete.

Transmission Line Structure

Transmission Towers are constructed at remote area and quality control over the concrete is difficult. AppleChemie suggested use of pre-packed (dry) Self compacting Concrete which can be taken to the site and directly used.


    AC-PLAST-BV-M4-PS a High early strength Super Plasticizer enables early de-shuttering and
    high strength concrete plasticizer. It conforms to relevant DIN, BS-5075, IS 9103-1999
    specifications & ASTM-C-494.
    Can be used for foundation in wet sub soil area and concreting in river and sea areas.
    For transmission tower foundations, high early strength super
    plasticizer like AC-PLAST-BV-M4-PS is best suited.

    As the foundation of Transmission lines are at remote areas,
    nature of soil and sub-soil water attack can be aggressive for
    concrete and steel inside.

    There is a possibility of heavy corrosion of steel and hence,
    it is always safe to use corrosion inhabiting admixture with
    plasticizer for such concreting. This will prevent rusting of
    steel very effectively.


Integral concrete admixture for protection & control of reinforcement corrosion

  • AC-Corrodur densifies the concrete mass.
  • Reduces rate of corrosion of steel.
  • Reduces rate of corrosion of steel.
  • Economical compared to costly concrete
  • Monitors the corrosion level & actively shields penetration.
  • Enhances strength & durability of concrete.


Integral concrete admixture for protection & control of reinforcement corrosion

  • Curing compound AC-CURE-W(S) is for avoiding water curing after the casting of transmission tower foundation.
    Conforms to MORTH, BS-7542, ASTM-C-309.


AC-DUR-CT(S) is an excellent protection coating for transmission tower foundation and can be applied on uncured concrete also.

  • Works as a curing membrane and protection to foundation
  • Prevents moisture and attack of sub soil adverse environment on concrete footings


  • AC-LOK-FIX is resin base anchor grout for installation aid for fixing of transmission towers over the existing
    concrete base. The product is useful where sufficient anchor length in concrete is not available.
    Product is conforming to BS-8110.
  • AC-DUR-GROUT is a High early strength resin base grout for installation of transmission tower for the foundations.
    It can take immediate load of tower.


Carbonation protection for steel or reinforcement in the TG Structure

  • Renders and restores alkaline medium in concrete to prevent further corrosion of steel
  • Excellent compatibility with cement mortar, guniting & PCC
  • Brushable consistency makes application easy & convenient
  • Excellent bonding with surrounding concrete.
  • Apple Chemie offers various types of protection systems for reinforcement embedded in to concrete.
    It protects re-bar from the aggressive attack of moisture, carbon-di-oxide, sulpher-di-oxide, and other gases
    present in the plant area. It is very mandatory protect steel as a part of durability of concrete.
  • It is also recommended to protect entire concrete structure with AC-FLEX-CL, chloride ion penetration
    resistant coating. Protection coating like AC-DUR-CRE is recommended for steel structure in aggressive
    involvement in Power Plant.
    All underground structures are best protected with Coal Tar Epoxy, AC-DUR-CT(S).