Roads & Bridges

AppleChemie providing innovative construction chemicals for Road Projects. Apple Chemie India Pvt. Ltd. has two state of art plants for the manufacturing of construction chemicals. The total range covers more than 150 products. Apple Chemie Products most recommended for Road Projects are elaborated below for your convenience


High performance air-entraining and plasticizing admixture for road Curbs As per ASTM C-260

  • Excellent finish and size retention of curb.
  • Reduced permeability & increased water tightness.
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding.
  • Improved plasticity and workability.
  • Increased resistance to scaling.
  • Greatly improved stability of air entrainment.


Mould release agents (Water Based) for removal of shuttering

  • Increases life of formwork.
  • Leaves no stains on concrete after demoulding.
  • Allows easy demoulding of forms.
  • Allows efficient adhesion of forthcoming plasters, mortars & paints.
  • No dirt sticks on surface after its drying.
  • Coated shuttering surface remains clean & free from remnants of concrete
  • Cement splashes after demoulding.
  • Bonding strength of concrete remains unaffected.


Super Plasticizer for all types of concrete works The Product Confirms IS-9103-1999. It gives:

  • Excellent pumpability, easy placement and better finish.
  • Higher strength without increase in cement content.
  • Improved cohesion and less risk of shrinkage cracks.
  • Higher durability & higher impermeability
  • No risk of reinforcement corrosion as the product is chloride free.
  • No side effects on concrete or steel.


Segment bonding adhesive for joining of bridge segments. As per As per FIP/ASTM/BS

  • Meets the International & National standards (FIP, BS, ASTM etc.)
  • It has high initial strength and ultimate strength.
  • High scratch hardness, excellent adhesion & high abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent acid, alkali, salt and detergent resistance.
  • Most recommended for segmental construction of bridge and flyover


Pre-packed, Non-shrink Cementations Grout Admixture for Post Tensioned Cable As per ASTM C-827-01A, BIS 110 part 1 1985 and MOST Appendix Sec 1800/III Gaseous positive expansion of the Grout compensates for the Shrinkage and settlement in plastic paste of cement.

  • Makes Grout impermeable
  • Very strong and durable
  • It does not contain chlorides/nitrates/ sulphides
  • Compatible with OPC


Polymer bonding grout for protection of locking of ends of post tensioned cable As per ASTM C-266 and ASTM C-109

  • It is very useful for quick, reliable & efficient sealing.
  • It withstands water pressure efficiently.
  • Economical Seal


(Non Shrink high strength grout) For grouting of crash barrier posts/ Grouting of bed plats/ area near bridges joints As Per ASTM C-469/ASTM-C-940/ Astm C-1107

  • It is free from shrinkage.
  • It has good pourability & flowability.
  • therefore does not corrode reinforcement & achorage bolts.
  • Protects deterioration of reinforcement due to corrosive effect.
  • Has very high bonding strength.
  • High initial & final strengths.


Curing Compound When Sprayed on fresh concrete it forms a continuous film and cover the concrete and prevents evaporation of water from it. The water added during the concrete mixing is sufficenet for the complete hydration of cement and development of full strength of concrete. AC Cure (S) can prevent drying skinkage cracks. Water curing may be reduced. The product conforms to BS: 7542 ASTM-C-309


Curing Compound Ready to use resin based aluminized reflective curing compound for concrete Specticiation: B.S.7542 /ASTM-C-309/ C -156 Easy to apply & can be sprayed. Most recommended for PQC Economical compared to conventional curing method. Best for places having water shortage. Minimises shrinkage cracks as curing process starts immediately after casting. Leads to better quality controls at work site.


Recommended for sealing of expansion joints in movement joints. Conforms to IS 12118 (part 1 & 2) – 1987, BS 4254 – 1983, BS 5212 – 1990

  • Easy to use and Economical
  • Excellent adhesion with old and new concrete
  • Non- sagging in vertical and overhead joints
  • Good chemical resistance Permanently elastic


Old & New bonding agents for repair of concrete). As per ASTM C-881 BS 6319 part IV

  • It allows sufficient time of around 2 hours after the application
    for placing of new concrete. This avoids risk of de-lamination.
  • AC-DUR-BOND imparts very high bond strength which is much more
    than the tensile strength of high quality concrete
  • It prevents transfer of chloride ions from the old concrete to
    the new concrete thus protecting the new concrete segment.


(Epoxy repair system for bridge concrete repairs). As Per IS 9179 – 1979 Product conforms to section 2800 of MOST (NHAI Specification)

  • Filling of structural cracks in RCC, PCC or old stone work buildings
  • It can be used for repairs of damaged and aged concrete or slab repairs
  • It can be used for bonding of old and new concrete
  • Grouting of end plates and area around anchors of post tensioned system


(Injectable Epoxy for Bridges/ Flyover Strengthening) Product confirms to section 2800 of MORTH (NHAI Specification)

  • Fit has Low viscosity and can be injected into fine cavities
    ads narrow gaps
  • High mechanical strength which performs even under heavy
    loads and stress
  • Excellent adhesion gives good bonding with substrate
  • Non shrink & completely fills the voids and cracks
  • Used for aggressive condition


(Inhibitor slurry coating for reinforcement bars) AC-CORINE-RL is a single component inhibitor applied over reinforecement bars. Excellent compatiblilty with cement mortor guniting & PCC


Single component acrylic polymer bonding agent for old and new concrete repairs Universal bonding coat for old & new concrete surfaces / old & new plaster / plaster on brick work. Maintains required alkaline medium (pH above 12) in concrete to achieve enduring results Excellent compatibility with cement mortar, Guniting & PCC Excellent bonding with steel reinforcement.


Acrylic Repair Composite

  • Results in increase of compressive & flexural strength of mix
  • Reduces water absorption & improves water proofing quality
  • Reduces degree of shrinkage & increases plasticity of mix.
  • Increases flexibility of hardened concrete/mortar thus
    avoids stresses in repaired system


Epoxy Grout self level to make pad below berring of bridges girders Leaving course for bridge repair or area below bearing pad


Carbonation protection coating for portion of Old & New Bridge Works

Solvent free, non toxic, safe and non corrosive Highly carbonation resistant Elastomeric, non stick, good binding, clean and seamless membrane coating, maintains original concrete breathing capacity Solar reflection cum uv-radiation resistant coating


Bridge Deck coating & protection system

  • Ensure safe bridging of hairline cracks on surface of concrete
  • Results in increases of life span & durability of structure
  • It is resistant to UV-radiation & pollution penetration
  • IRoof Y2k is economical as it is supplied in ready to use form
  • Requires no equipment or machinery for application
  • It can be applied easily with ordinary brushes or rollers